Illustrated Cutouts for O2 Academy Pitch

Inventive Foamboard Cutouts for Bringing a User Journey to Life

Getting the Client Closer to Live Music

In order to dramatise the product vision, 'Getting You Closer to the Live Music', Scott created an Illustrated 3-D user journey, with interactive elements, that helped bring the user experience to life in a very memorable way.

Leverage The Latest Trend

Artistic illustration styles are on the rise, as consumers tire of the impersonal aesthetic of vector illustrations. This quote from the Graphic Artists Guild explains more.

As a reaction to the impersonal look of digital illustrations, recently there has been a renewed interest and demand for traditional techniques... originally led by boutique brands... it has now caught on with the big brands...

- Graphic Artists Guild Handbook 16th Edition

Licensing Illustrations

When you pay for (commission) illustration, you buy a licence and not the work itself. It means you pay for what you need without buying it outright, this is called the licensing model. To discuss a commission, use the chat feature to get in touch.


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