Hand Drawn Illustration

Illustrations with a Human Touch

Brand Identity

Style: Digital, Hand Drawn

Client: Black Swan Data

A selection of my signature hand drawn illustrations that visualise contemporary ideas in a whimsical low-tech way. These illustrations can be licensed, use the button below to view my stock library.

Brand Mascots

Style: Digital, Hand Drawn

Client: Nerdle

Nerdle, the wildly popular maths version of Wordle, asked for a mascot styled on the Nerdle logo. The solution, an ingenious illustrated robot toolkit that allows the client to create 1000s of different Robot configurations.

Whiteboard Animation

Style: Digital, Hand Drawn

Client: Azarc

Azarc's technology makes global supply chain management easier. Illustrations were commissioned for use in a whiteboard animation whick played a key role at their global product launch. To see the final animation use the button below.

Proposals & Presentations

Style: Digital, Hand Drawn

Client: Perceev

Perceev, an endurance sports start-up, were seeking investment and commissioned illustrations for use in their and investor proposal. Click below to see the animated version.

Products & Services

Style: Digital, Hand Drawn

Client: FrontRow

A leading US based school technology company looking to showcase their products in a more playful and human way. My signature low-tech hand drawn illustrations were the perfect solution.

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