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2024 Animation Showreel

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For more information on the animation examples included in the showreel, see below.

Featured in Showreel

Keyframes from the Black Swan Data product demo video.

Launch Event Video

Client: Nissan (for The Why Agency)

Animated infographic that utilises elegant 2D animation in a 3D environment with dynamic camera movements. Created to support a Nissan launch event.

Keyframes from the Black Swan Data product demo video.

Product Demo Video

Client: Black Swan (tech start up)

Combines vector animation and photographic imagery. Features UI animation and an animated vector line illustration. Created to showcase a software product called Sonar.

Keyframes from the White Swan Million Minds fundraising video.

Campaign Video

Client: White Swan (charity)

Combines kinetic typography techniques with UI animation. Designed to bring to life the charity's vision and showcase a product concept, in order to raise funds.

Keyframes from the Azarc product launch video.

Product Launch Video

Client: Azarc (tech start up)

Whiteboard animation featuring my signature illustrations. Showcases the product vision and explains the technology. To watch this video in full, use the button below.

Keyframes from the igo-wego app UI concept video.

UI Concept Video

Client: Igo-Wego (tech start up)

Dynamic UI concept video for a student car hire mobile app called igo-wego. Features unique roulette inspired discovery wheel as the main navigation device.

Keyframes from the PepsiCo & Black Swan Cannes Lions event video presentation.

Industry Event Video

Client: PepsiCo & Black Swan (tech start up)

Flat vector animation created entirely from line, bar and pie chart elements. Used as backdrop to a talk given at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival.

Keyframes from the PepsiCo & Asda social media video.

Social Media Video

Client: PepsiCo & Asda

Anime inspired animation created entirely from flat photographic imagery. Produced for a unique social media campaign that turned Twitter into an interactive game.

Keyframes from the Coke street striker web trailer.

Web Trailer Video

Client: Coke

Gritty online trailer for a TV football show called Street Striker. Animation uses 2.5D techniques and was composed entirely of flat photographic imagery.

Keyframes from the Digital Jigsaw Creativity seminar video.

Seminar Video

Client: Digital Jigsaw (creative agency)

A presentation consisting of seamless full-frame video. Created for a company seminar entitled 'Navigating the Creative Minefield'.

Not Featured in Showreel

Keyframes from the Black Swan Cannes Billboard awards entry showreel video.

Awards Showreel

Client: Black Swan (tech start up)

Combines video footage (shot from a phone) and animation, to show and explain an innovative digital billboard concept as part of an advertising award entry.

Keyframes from the Vodafone UI concept video.

UI Concept Video

Client: Vodadone

Exciting promotional product vision video for Vodafone's flagship MyVodafone app. It was created to secure internal stakeholder buy-in, it provoked a huge positive reaction.

And last but not least...

Video Loops & GIFs

Client: Brick on the Egg

A looping animation for use as an email signature and on social media.

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