Concept Generation

Every Great Idea Starts as a Sketch

Quaker Oats campaign concept

Today List

Client: Quaker, Canada

Today List was a web app for publicly sharing your #todaylist, Quaker’s way of helping Canada 'do one thing that matters more today'. This was a digital concept that was turned into an integrated campaign, it even featured on Canadian daytime TV, with the presenters making their own Today List.

Black Swan Data digital billboard concept

Whose Roar is Loudest?

Client: Black Swan Data

An AI algorithm was used to identify the top influencers in the #canneslions conversation, those with the 'loudest roar'. The results were piped in real time onto Le Grand Screen at the Cannes Lions festival. Influencers were also able to tweet and get their #RoarScore.

Gate Group retail vision 1
Gate Group retail vision 2

Turning Captive Passengers
into Captivated Customers

Client: Gate Group

I worked with Gate Group, the world’s biggest airline retailer, to develop the retail experience of the future. This vision was launched at a flagship exhibit at the WTCE trade show in Germany, where a series of large touchscreen interactive installations to brought to life the retail vision.

O2 Academy app vision

Get Closer to the Live Music

Client: O2

Rather than just about selling tickets, I helped give the O2 Academy app a higher purpose... 'Getting people closer to the LIVE music'. This was achieved through a feature called Gig Hub, which dynamically created content specific to the band or artist people showed an interest in.

Student car hire app product vision 1
Student car hire app product vision 2

Turning Hiring a Car Into a
Lifestyle Experience

Client: Igo-Wego (tech start-up)

My big idea was to elevate car hire search, through a ‘roulette wheel' linked to real-time data, which would allow the students to find the location of... the best surf at that moment, the location with the warmest weather, or the nearest restaurant offering a meal deal and so on.

Samsung data platform vision

A Data Platform for Both
Sides of the Brain

Client: Samsung

Data platforms tend to be designed for analysts, my ambition for the Samsung Trend platform was to create an inspirational tool for all humans, whether they were marketeers or scientists. This was achieved this through the use of two discrete modes, the kaleidoscope mode and the microscope mode.

British Airways in-flight portal vision

Re-Inventing The Portal Paradigm

Client: British Airways

My big idea was to weave commercial opportunities into a pseudo real-time feed, that mimicked social media. Messages from the captain, the perfume worn by the attendants, or content rich destination ideas were all presented in the form of conversational posts.

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