Scott Bedford Bibliography

Four Published Books

Made by Papa Outdoor (2022)

Publisher: Frechverlag, Stuttgart

German language follow-up to the best selling Made by Papa (the German edition of Made by Dad). Launches in Spring 2022, along with two accompanying craft sets, see below.

Associated Craft Sets

Publisher: Frechverlag, Stuttgart

German language craft sets that tie-in with the Made by Papa Outdoor book.

Mega-Maze Adventure! (2020)

Publisher: Workman, New York

A-MAZE-ING. Not just a maze–the book itself is a maze! A portal opens on the front cover, and the maze continues through every page, making this the world’s longest maze in a book.

Made by Dad (2013)

Publisher: Workman, New York

Chock full of extraordinary, custom-designed how-to projects for DIY parents everywhere... from full-length, artfully illustrated creations to smaller, MacGyver-like challenges. Over 120k copies sold.


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