Bespoke Video Animation for Presentations

Elevate your PowerPoint & Keynote Presentation to the Next Level

Not a Bullet Point in Sight

Presentation type: A talk given to a large audience at the Cannes Lions advertising festival.

Animation usage: The video above was trimmed into multiple movies and inserted onto separate slides. As the speaker advanced the slides, the animation would play seamlessly, creating a powerful visual backdrop to the spoken narrative.

Enhancing PowerPoint's Capabilites

Presentation type: A proposition deck for a data business.

Animation usage: Animation was only used to enhance three key slides, the transition of a 'broken' funnel into a red thread. The animation worked in conjunction with PowerPoint's own built-in animation, rather than replacing it.

Step by Step Journeys

Presentation type: An investor presentation deck for a tech start-up

Animation usage: Like the first example, the videos were trimmed into multiple movies and inserted onto separate slides. The videos were used to bring-to-life the product vision.

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What Clients Say

We used Scott's services to create a professional looking Investor Proposal - outstanding value and very unique.

- Peter M, Technology Entrepreneur, London

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