Licensing Existing Illustrations

If you would like to use any of the illustrations listed in the illustration gallery, all you need is a licence, which you can get by contacting me via the chat fucntion.

As explained in The Licence Model section, when an artist creates an artwork, they automatically own the ‘copyright’ of that image and control the reproduction of the artwork. The artist can then sell a licence for that artwork – which means someone else has the right to reproduce it, in specific ways, for a specific amount of time.

Calculating Fees

To calculate a licence fee I’ll need some information about how you intend to use the illustration (again, covered in The Licence Model section). Once we have reached an agreement I’ll draw up the licence, and on payment, share the hi-res illustration files with you.

File Formats

All the illustrations can be provided in multiple file formats, including layered PhotoShop files, that will allow you to alter the colours.

Last updated June 19, 2022


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