Commissioning New Illustrations

As new commission, is a bespoke illustration created on request. For a new commission a written agreement will be required, this will include:

  1. A summary of the brief
  2. The fee
  3. The deadlines for the roughs and finished artworks
  4. The licence (where, how and for how long you will reproduce the work)

Creation & Delivery

Once terms have been agreed, I will submit roughs for your consideration, with upto three rounds of revisions (dependent on what we agreed) with further revisions charged at an agreed rate. When you’ve approved the roughs, I will then develop them into the finished artwork, after which, up to three further minor amends can be made.

There may be some cases where you have to reject the artwork. The following industry standard rejection/cancellation will then apply:

  • 25% of the agreed fee if the work is rejected at rough stage
  • 33% – 50% of the agreed fee if the artwork is rejected on delivery
  • 100% of the agreed fee if the commission is cancelled on the delivery of artwork

Calculating Fees

To understand how fees are calculated, I suggest reading The Licence Model section. For new commissions there is also an additional creation fee, this is normally a percentage of the licence fee costs. If you would like to discuss a new commission and get a quote, please start by contacting me via the chat fucntion.

Last updated June 19, 2022


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