Hand Drawn Illustrations With Low-Tech Appeal

Disarming, Seductive, Whimsical, They’re Guaranteed to Win Hearts

AI computer with brain analysing social data to predict trends

Perfectly Imperfect

If you want to explain, demonstrate or showcase your company's technology, products or services in a way that makes people care, Scott's signature low-tech hand drawn illustrations are for you.

Hand drawn, with an artisanal feel, Scott's low-tech illustrations are the ideal antidote to the 'Corporate Memphis' vector illustration style that has proliferated in recent years.

Leverage The Latest Trend

Artistic illustration styles are on the rise, as consumers tire of the impersonal aesthetic of vector illustrations. This quote from the Graphic Artists Guild explains more.

As a reaction to the impersonal look of digital illustrations, recently there has been a renewed interest and demand for traditional techniques... originally led by boutique brands... it has now caught on with the big brands...

- Graphic Artists Guild Handbook 16th Edition

Above: How Tweets Are Made

Why Scott's Illustrations Are So Effective

Cyber terrorist stealing data from a highly secure data silo

They Are Seductive & Authentic

With their low-tech appeal, Scott's illustrations are disarmingly persuasive, and because they're drawn by hand, they scream authenticity.

Human assisted robot delivers online food order by lifting off roof

They Are Versatile & Descriptive

By incorporating familiar low-tech elements, such as cogs and pipes (and robots), they are able to bring to life any idea or concept, however abstract.

Tough-nut cracking machine with computerised hydraulic hammer

They Are Unique & Dynamic

Every illustrations is totally bespoke, ensuring you stand apart from the competition. They are also easy to animate, ideal for social media.

They Are Evergreen & Customisable

Because Scott's illustrations are not slavish to current trends and will remain fresh indefinitely. Also, they can be easily customised to reflect your brand, even pink looks good!

Person wearing a jet pack assembles pipes using robotic tools

Finally, They Are Proven

Scott's illustrations have been successfully used to market products, win business and raise investment - they will almost certainly work for you too!

Where You Can Use Them

Traditional advertising and marketing

Social media posts and online content

Branding, corporate identity and packaging

Company/product origin stories and visions

Developing and enhancing company culture

Proposals, pitches and presentations

Events, trade shows and experiential

Licensing & Commissioning

Scott's illustrations can be commissioned as new illustrations, or existing illustrations can be licensed (read about licensing for more details). For costs, use the chat feature to get in touch.


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